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By: Becky Krell

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Black and White
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Hey Everyone,
Yea for Best Buy!! I finally downloaded my pics from my camera to my computer which took 5 card readers, money, and a headache or two. But atleast they are there.

Well this website is for my communication class but I will keep this up for a while. I want to see how good my photos can be since the first one I did was "Editor's Choice." Weird. That photo wasn't even planned out. It was just playing around. I would hate to see what my pictures would look like if I ACTUALLY did plan them. That would be crazy. Oh yea, there is also a picture of myself on the page so you guys can actually see who I am. Hopefully I can readjust the layout or design and make it my own because I have my own personality. Believe me. Ha!

Also, does anyone know how to do a logo using photoshop by using a picture and animation? I want to do a logo. I will draw it out and put it up here if anyone knows how to do it.

Well thats it. More photos coming...


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This is my view...

The Magical Kingdom
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Hey everyone!
Here are some of the newer pics. I am glad and excited to see my picture as the Editor's Choice. The cat is actually my cat Chrissy and she was in a playful mood that night and decided to go behind the table against the wall. Well I had the camera and the rest you could say is history.

For photography, I am pretty much very rough around the edges. I havent taken any classes or whatever. I've done everything by myself or see what my family has done. Thats pretty much it.

The pictures from today are of my friend Katar. I guess you could say that I saw his pictures and decided, "Hey, I want to go back into photography." I love the angles and everything and hopefully when we both have time, we can go and take a bunch of pics cause I want to become better.

Also are some I have taken. Some have been through photoshop and such but they are still nice...hehe


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Just the beginning

Stalking you
Driving Fast
Yes, this is Becky's page and its the first picture. Enjoy. More to come soon. I promise!!

Ok just some info. about me. I'm 19, college student and also a Disney cast member. I come from a family of photographers. My grandfather is a world known amateur photographer, my dad does videography, my cousin Mike (who's picture is the "Driving Fast") is awesome at pictures, and then me. I've been doing both photography and videography but most photography. I have actually won a few awards for some photographs but that was about 10 years ago. And for videography, i wrote and somewhat directed a little film my sophomore year of H.S. for a class but i have been tapping stuff and helping my dad edit some of his footage. Well thats it for now....



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